Do We Know Why Deaths from Heart Disease Have Declined?

Deaths from heart disease have declined, We know not why.

In the 1960s, and for many years beyond, Heart disease killed many people quickly, Mostly in their 50s and 60’s, and mostly in their prime.

But nowadays, it does not kill as fast And no one really seems to know The reason for the change.

Experts say they know it all And they can readily explain But even they cannot agree upon a single cause.

Some say it is antibiotics which Decreased streptococcal infections, rheumatic fever And rheumatic heart disease.

Others say it is smoking which used to be the problem, And now that it has declined, People live much longer after heart disease.

Others say it is the foods we eat, We eat less meat, fat and sugar and hardly any salt Food tastes awful but deaths from heart disease are down.

But other experts disagree and say it is exercise, Racing, running, jogging, hopping, skipping, Have mellowed fatal heart disease.

But other experts say that this cannot be true, For if it were then Mr. Fixx, who ran and who was fit, Would not have died at fifty.

And Mr. Churchill, who was fat, and smoked And never exercised, would not have Lived to 90.

And if it were life-style, then why would people now With so much dia-besity live so long and Hardly die from myocardial ischemia?

Others say it is better drugs, Aspirin, statins, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, And soon … drugs against the deadly LOX.

But other experts say it is the interventions— Angioplasties, stents and bypass surgeries, Which lessened the death rates.

So it is that experts simply cannot agree. And while they wait and argue, Heart disease goes on.

From West to East it passes on, And though survivals are much longer now, We know not the reasons why.

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