Susan Wiegers, MD, FASE, FACC

I know it is not a practice that all can embrace, but I always start the New Year with a raft of good intentions. Several years ago, our current immediate Past President, Neil Weissman, introduced me to the Fitbit. It counts steps, stairs, active moments, and miles each day. I have gone through several since then as they have been subjected to an unfortunate spin cycle, lost at a restaurant (ironic of course), or been mistaken for a toy by one of our cats. But I am addicted to the information and being mostly competitive with myself, it spurs me on to use the stairs and walk around the block when I get home. Interpreters have a particularly sedentary work-life on the days they are primary reader. Sometimes I feel that I am creaking when I stand up at the end of the day, many echoes later. I wish my resolution could include Mayo Clinic’s solution to echocardiographers’ fitness problems—the treadmill reading station! But our reading room is small, and there would be no room for anyone else. I prefer the comradery and assistance of colleagues and fellows in the reading room, so the treadmill is out for now. The other lurking danger for sonographers and interpreters alike is Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of light exposure (this at least according to my endocrinologist husband who has stooped to asking me to carry his Fitbit with me when I take a walk). Sonographers can also benefit from a few fitness resolutions. Ergonomic safety is an important component of staying healthy, including active stretching during the day, pushing and never pulling the ultrasound carts, and proper scanning posture whenever possible. (Look for more information on these ergonomic topics at the Scientific Sessions in Seattle.)

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