Proliferation of Online Medical Journals

Almost daily on my emails there is a new open access (online) medical journal requesting a manuscript from me, or asking that I review a manuscript received by them. During a recent 2-month period, I counted at least 26 heart-related journals ( Table 1 ) and at least 75 non-heart related journals ( Table 2 ). Most do not have a physician as editor and few are included on PubMed. Medicine went from a physician editor of international distinction to a non-physician editor of unknown qualifications. Most of the online journals charge authors to publish their manuscripts and not the readers for reading them, the reverse of hundreds of years of publishing. Some of these online journals not only request reviews from physicians of the submitted manuscripts but also request that physicians recommend names of appropriate reviewers, and some request that physicians actually manage groups of manuscripts as visiting editors. A young investigator might be tempted to submit his/her manuscript to one of the open-access journals after receiving a gracious invitation to do so rather than submit the manuscript to an established journal. I realize that online publishing without print publishing will probably be the future for most present-day print journals but that change has not occurred yet so I recommend staying with the print journals as long as they use that medium. Academic careers will not be built by publishing in the open access journals with non-physician editors.

Table 1

Heart-related journals

AIMS Medical Science (Cardiology Section)
Annals of Clinical and Experimental Hypertension
Archives of Clinical Hypertension (India)
BioMed Research International (Cardiology)
Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal
Cardiovascular System
Heart and Vessels
International Journal of Cardiovascular Research
Invasive Cardiology: Future Medicine
Journal of Cardiac Anesthesia
Journal of Cardiac Circulation
Journal of Cardiology and Clinical Research
Journal of Cardiovascular Disorders
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology
Journal of Cardiovascular Research
Journal of Clinical Trials in Cardiology
Journal of Heart & Cardiology
Journal of Heart Health
Journal of Interpretive Cardiology
HSOA Journal of Cardiology & Neurocardiovascular Diseases
Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery
Research in Cardiovascular Medicine
Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology
Scientific Journal of Cardiac Circulation
The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology

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