PP-026 Evaluation of Characteristics of Patients Hospitalized from the Emergency Service to Cardiology Service


Some diagnoses could be resulted in fatal results in patients presented to emergency department with chest pain. For this reason, these should be ostracized. Generally, cardiac problems are forefront and in case of lack of attention they can be resulted in serious results. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the characteristics of patients who presented to emergency department in 2015 with the chest pain and who are consulted and hospitalized in cardiology service.


Total patients number presented to emergency service, and those who has complaint of chest pain among them, those who requested consultation from the cardiology, patients decided hospitalization, those who underwent coronary angiography and results were obtained by scanning our hospital database. For the stenosis detected in coronary angiography, 30 percent or less of stenosis were considered as non critical stenosis, between 30%-70% as medium stenosis, 70% and over as critical stenosis.


In 2015, 166.520 patients presented to our emergency service and it was found that 16.783 (10,1%) of them had complaints of chest pain (ICD code R07 ). It was determined that cardiology consultation requested to 3256 (19,4%) of patients presenting with chest pain and it was decided hospitalization to 1006 (6%) patients. Average age of patients decided hospitalization was 62,8±13,5. 70,1% of them were male, 29,9% were female. It was determined that the 35 (3,5%) of the patients decided hospitalization were admitted to cardiology service, 971 (96,5%) of them were admitted to coronary intensive care. It was realized that coronary angiography was done to 814 (80,9%) patients who hospitalized in coronary intensive care, and it was realized also that although coronary angiography decision was made to 84 patients, it could not be done because of reluctance of the patient or patient’ relatives and for the other reasons. Coronary angiography results are reported in table 1. Diabetic was identified in 173 (29,3%) of 591 patients detected severe lesion as a result of coronary angiography. Our 71 patients admitted to coronary intensive care with the heart failure, arrhythmia and other causes and treatment were regulated.

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