Giving to ASE’s Foundation and More Family Time on Tap for December!

Susan E. Wiegers, MD, FASE, FACC

Winter solstice is almost upon us—time to reflect and celebrate with family and friends. Despite my many years in Upstate New York and the Northeast (Philadelphia is the farthest south we have ever lived), I much prefer the summer solstice. We did have a family celebration this summer, my entire family—husband, three kids, their three significant others, and members of our future machatunim (just Google it if you don’t know)—spent a week on houseboat on Lake Shasta in Northern California. It was a very low key vacation despite 12 people stuck on a boat together for the week. A special feature was the lack of Internet or cell phone coverage which led to full-on family time with no interruptions. Although it drove some at my work a little crazy, it was an amazing time for talks, laughs, books, and just floating. The Perseid meteor showers during the new moon helped make the night sky spectacular. The Presidency of ASE involves travel to wonderful and exciting places with an opportunity to interact with wonderful friends and colleagues. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to represent ASE around the globe. But floating on an inner tube with a beer in one hand and a book in the other, my family near me, was also a great part of the year.

I intend to enjoy that respite again during the holidays. Our family is big on large gatherings—see our Thanksgiving last year. Although I try every year to pare down the menu a bit, there is always one hold-out who insists on turnips, another must have sweet potatoes. You know how it goes. I can’t complain though since my husband is a great cook, and everyone helps out.

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