The paper entitled “Cardiac Calcifications on Echocardiography Are Associated with Mortality and Stroke” by Lu et al, published in the December 2016 issue of JASE (J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2016;29:1171-8), has a correction. On page 1172, Table 1 should appear as follows:

Table 1

Global cardiac calcium scoring system

Posterior annulus (by thirds, score 0–3)
Posterior mitral leaflet restriction [any reduction in mobility] (0, 1)
Anterior annulus calcification (0,1)
Anterior mitral leaflet restriction (0, 1 [valve opening on long-axis view ≤ 10 mm])
Mitral valve calcification [either leaflet] (0, 1 [mild], 2 [>mild])
Subvalvular apparatus calcification (0, 1)
Aortic valve calcification (0, 1 [nodule(s) in < 3 leaflets], 2 [nodules in 3 leaflets but nonrestrictive], 3 [restrictive ])
Aortic root calcification (0, 1)

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