In the article “Use of Echocardiography to Evaluate the Cardiac Effects of Therapies Used in Cancer Treatment: What Do We Know?” by Oreto et al. , J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2012;25:1141-1152, the second and fourth sentences in the first paragraph on page 1147 (left column) each contain an error. The correct sentences should be “IVRT, the interval between aortic valve closure and mitral valve opening, is prolonged (>80–90 milliseconds).” and “Concomitantly, DT is prolonged (>240 milliseconds) when myocardial relaxation is abnormal.” The units initially reported were incorrectly listed in m/sec. Also, in the third paragraph on page 1147 (left column), the third sentence contains errors. The correct sentence should be “In normal adults, S’ is typically >8 cm/sec when recorded at the septal annulus and >10 cm/sec at the lateral mitral annulus.” The tissue velocity threshold values initially listed were incorrect.

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