Cardiovascular Ultrasound Resources

Elizabeth F McIlwain, MHS, RCS, FASE, Chair

It’s December and the end of another year is rapidly approaching. This is always the time I reflect back on the year (and the past in general) and look forward to the new year and the future. It is always interesting to assess the goals I set in January and see the progress I made. One of my recent goals has been to use technology more efficiently in my professional life. I’m a child of the 1960s, a product of the 1970s, and I began my echo journey in the mid-1980s. Textbooks, VHS tapes, index cards, and notebooks were an ever present part of my world. I clearly remember that notebook I carried around in my lab coat pocket. It was a work in progress—changing and growing with each new concept I learned in echocardiography. I was always rewriting pages and adding sections. When it got full, I just found a pocket-sized binder with bigger rings! I did not dare remove any information—I might need it and I wanted it at my fingertips. I imagine many of you had a notebook much like this.

Our profession is changing rapidly—new technologies, new procedures, reimbursement changes, and guidelines updates are the norm. That notebook is no longer sufficient or efficient! A wealth of information available to us, and we need to use it to make our lives easier and those of our patients better. I would like to use this space to share some of what is available from ASE and other sources.

Apps & mobile resources

ASE has several apps available for smartphones and tablets. iASE offers ready access to some of the more popular ASE guidelines. The app contains full text of the guidelines, tables, figures, and a calculator function that provides information and equations for many echocardiographic calculations. The Echo AUC app gives information on appropriate use criteria to guide decisions about proper diagnostic testing. The JASE app lets you have access to journal articles whenever you want and wherever you may be!

Connect@ASE is a mobile resource available to ASE members. It provides access to documents, images, and your peers. Collectively, ASE members have an amazing amount of knowledge, and a quick survey of the communities and discussions on Connect@ASE shows that we are willing to share with each other when asked. Connect@ASE can be accessed through the ASE Website or via the Connect@ASE app.

There are also many apps available from other resources. A quick search on my smartphone for echocardiography and cardiovascular ultrasound revealed over 200 options! There are apps with information on views, normal values, how-to, new technologies, and research.

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