A Piece of Our Mind/The Many Faces of FASE

What does the Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) recognition mean to me?

Annitta J. Flinn, BA, RDCS, CCRC, FASE

Have you been thinking or considering applying for FASE designation? You might be wondering what the benefits of having the FASE designation are. I was designated FASE in 2002, and this has been a personal source of pride. As a FASE designated member of ASE, I personally encourage you to earn this as well. For me the benefits for obtaining and maintaining the FASE designation are not specifically a means for obtaining a higher salary or promotion. When you have the FASE initials included with your credentials, your patients, peers, and colleagues will recognize that you have reached a level of academic professionalism and commitment to the highest standards in echocardiography. It reflects your professional stature and recognizes your valuable service to the ASE as well as to the field of echocardiography in general. It is sense of personal achievement.

You will likely have the opportunity to be nominated to the ASE’s Board of Directors or be appointed to serve as a committee chair. These give you an opportunity to serve in your society or even in a leadership role and help bring the ASE to the next generation of members.

Your credential and FASE designation complement each other. I want to clarify for sonographers that FASE is really a designation, and it is not an alternative or replacement for a credential such as Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS), Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS), or Advanced Cardiac Sonographer (ACS) credential. These are credentials awarded based on passing examinations and indicate that you have passed the minimum qualifications for competency and you are now privileged to use that credential. Subsequently you apply that knowledge to your daily work. These types of credentials help to fulfill the requirements for the awarding of “FASE” and gives you the opportunity to quickly amass points toward this designation. The FASE designation is recognition of your service and commitment to the field. Having both is having the whole package.

I hope that earning the FASE designation is one of your goals this year!

Annitta J. Flinn, BA, RDCS, CCRC, FASE, works at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and is the FASE Advisory Committee Co-Chair.

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